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No Silver BulletThe Many Protocols for Treating Lyme.

Stephen Buhner Protocol. The herbalist Stephen Buhner developed an effective protocol that uses Japanese knotwood Polygonum cuspidatum, cat’s claw Uncaria tomentosa, and andrographis Andrographis paniculata to eliminate Lyme disease and the co-infections. Many other herbs are part of his extended protocol. Buhner Protocol Options. recommendations but have felt that people find it difficult at times to find all of the things they may need to do a protocol based on his work. provided is for informational purposes only and represents the opinions formed by the author based on experiences and review of numerous sources of information related.

After learning about Buhner’s protocol, Bruntil decided to get rid of all the pharmaceuticals her family had been using and follow his recommendations, even though Buhner himself suggests that the herbal protocol should be used alongside antibiotics to achieve an optimum outcome. Aug 15, 2018 · The Buhner babesia protocol was insufficient to get on top of my babesia duncani infection. Cryptolepis, neem, sida acuta, and wormwood are all somewhat effective, with the first two being the strongest, but I had to use the pharmaceuticals. May 08, 2011 · Has anyone tried Stephan Harrod Bruhner's herbal lyme protocol? His book Healing Lyme was recommended to me by someone in a Supplement/Herbs store. Here are some Amazon Reviews. There is a Google Support Group for it. I got the info below from a post on Lymeforum. May 05, 2019 · What is it? Profemin is an over-the-counter menopause relief supplement.This product addresses the common symptoms of menopause using only herbal ingredients. Profemin relies on a blend three herbal ingredients long used in traditional Asian medicine.The makers of Profemin claim this product offers an alternative to hormone replacement, without the side effects, or the prescription. There are also other herbal protocols for lyme disease that I've since learned about: Cowden, Byron White, Klinghart and Buhner which is the protocol that Dr. Rawls based his program on. These are all protocols you can do on your own, with a doctor, naturopath or herbalist. The key thing is to find someone who knows the protocol you choose.

Aug 14, 2015 · Dr. Rawls healed from lyme using the Buhner protocol. The best things about Restore is that it's all inclusive with herbals and supplements, videos, eating plan, his book Suffered Long Enough and you have email/facebook support from Dr. Rawls and the Vital Plan Team. Just wanted to let everyone know it's not a scam. Oct 26, 2012 · Buhner Protocol – Q&A. Posted by admin on Friday, October 26, 2012 · Leave a Comment. Has Stephen Buhner ever worked one-on-one with patients with lyme disease? Stephen maintained a private practice in both psychotherapy and clinical herbalism from 1980 until 2005. He has worked with many people with lyme since the book was published. Hey All, Curious if anyone here has tried the Dr. Bill Rawls protocol. His vital plan mix is a bit pricey around $300 for a month supply. Seems like you could get individual herbs from Green Dragon Botanicals for much cheaper. Buhner Protocol. Stephen Harrod Buhner is an outstanding American herbalist and author of many books and publications. He developed herbal protocol for treatment of Lyme disease and tick-borne diseases based on clinically tested herbs.

Jun 25, 2005 · Buhner basically boils things down to needing to eradicate the spirochete, build up our arterial endothelial walls, build up depleted collagen, I have been following this protocol and am feeling better in 3 months than I have in a couple years! The protocol itself incorporates a multifaceted approach to treating chronic Lyme disease through powerful antimicrobials that work just as good, if not better, than doxycycline, by addressing the 3 anatomical forms of the Lyme bacteria i.e., spirochetal, cyst-form, and L-form, co-infections, detoxification support for the brain, nervous system, liver, kidneys, blood, and lymphatic system.

Nov 25, 2008 · Buhner’s work is tremendous and goes into detail regarding the evidence for Cowden’s protocol or lack of evidence. I recommend picking up Healing Lyme by Buhner, and flipping straight to the treatment section, and gradually building up his core protocol, and adding or taking away from it based on your particular symptoms and reactions.

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